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  • The Beautiful Scenery In Mexico 2019-08-08
    The beautiful scenery in Mexico Hey, Guys. Today we are talking about Mr. Wang's trip to Mexico in August. In the beautiful scenery of Mexico, Mr. Wang has established a deep friendship with the local people and participated in an activity with local friends. In fact, the purpose of Mr. Wang's business trip is to participate in the FESPA Mexico exhibition and lead the branch company Dragon Supply ...
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  • Factory introduction 2019-11-14
    In the production line of large format printer machine , we have more than ten years of production experience. We have skilled technology, high standard production team and good management after-sales team. Now we mainly introduce our production department, our technicians, experienced old employees, to ensure high-quality production of products.There are also fresh and energetic young people, inj...
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  • Customer visit 2019-12-12
    What do you care about when buying a machine? It's all about machine efficiency, function and life. People who buy eco solvent printers are all concerned about the printing results, speed, efficiency, life, and after-sales service of printers. Last Thursday, our Sri Lankan customers visited the company. First of all, they went to our factory to see the actual production of our machines. ...
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