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  • Updating our delivery news of XP600 printer 2019-11-18
    Do you know? Eco solvent printer XP600 is taking over the business from galaxy machine in recently. Its quality is not only similar to the Epson DX5, but the price is only a quarter of it. How could you don’t like this printer? Loading of the container is for shipping to our client. This time there are 18 sets XP600 eco solvent printers and relative materials for 20GP container.
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  • Factory introduction 2019-11-14
    In the production line of large format printer machine , we have more than ten years of production experience. We have skilled technology, high standard production team and good management after-sales team. Now we mainly introduce our production department, our technicians, experienced old employees, to ensure high-quality production of products.There are also fresh and energetic young p...
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  • Eco solvent printer XP600 and Cutting Plotter C720 2019-10-18
    The application of advertisement is very extensive. According to different industries, there are different applications. For example, the common public transportation now has obvious advertisements inside and outside the car, as well as exhibition stands, signboards and ground signs. Compared with small machines, the advantage of large machines is high efficiency. They can print a lot of finished ...
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  • Customer testimony 2019-10-16
    Sinotec Eco Solvent Printer With Epson XP600 Print Heads has achieved remarkable results. Many customers praise our products and are willing to recommend our machines to their friends. Customers who know the machine technology, generally, the machine will be installed and printed directly after getting the machine , and send us the video and effect printed by the machine. Also we could provide tec...
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  • Customer site for xp600 konica 512i plotter cutter 2019-10-14
    Recently, we have been receiving good comments from customers on our products. Let's take a look at the latest customer feedback. This is our customer who likes our machine very much. He sent us his sincere appreciation. In the video, we can see three different machines, 1.8m Eco Solvent Printer With Epson XP600 Print Heads, Konica 512i Solvent Printer CK8 and Servo Cutting Plotter. Look at the wo...
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  • One-stop solution for sublimation 2019-09-24
    Introduce our company's new services, One-stop solution for sublimation , so that customers can enjoy the products they need for one-time purchase, no longer need to travel around, save time, improve efficiency, to meet the requirements of modern people's fast rhythm and high efficiency. Firstly, we set up the pattern to be printed in the computer. The sublimation printer YSL-EP180 (with sublimati...
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  • Heat Transfer Color Cup 2019-09-20
    With the development of science and technology, more and more people are pursuing individuality and uniqueness. In terms of dressing, the former wearing identity, and now the pursuit of individuality, even if the same T-shirt, but the above patterns are different, that is different personality. Now we mainly talk about cups. Now there are many things that change with the times. Everything needs to...
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  • Customer Feedback from Ecuador 2019-09-12
    This is 1.8M eco solvent printer with single Epson XP600 printhead. This is our Ecuador customer Kunal. He is testing the printer and taking a video for us. It’s high precision intelligent digital machine. High-quality material selection ensures long-term stable printing. We hope that our customers can buy the best quality products at the best price. More details just contact us.
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  • Praise from Malaysian customer 2019-09-06
    This is feedback from Zakaria, a Malaysian customer. It has been about 2 weeks since he received the XP600 printer. During this period, the machine was installed and tested. He told us that this machine is easy to operate, low in price and high in quality. It’s the best printer to start printing business.Today he sent us a feedback video. Intercepted the video clips for your reference. From these ...
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