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  • Make Your Profit with DTF Printer(Direct to Film) 2021-07-28
    On July 6, 2021, we launched our A3 DTF printer product on the Facebook company homepage, and received very enthusiastic market feedback in a short period of time (a diagram of the latest data report). We will take this opportunity from the following aspects to help you Give a detailed introduction. 1. Investment return comparison One T-shirt =$1.5, Print A3 pattern =$0.1, Printed T-shirt cost=$1....
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  • Vinyl wrap printer 2020-12-22
    Vinyl wrap printer 3.2m printing width with 2 pcs of xp600 print heads can adjust the requirements of different sizes with the printing width, providing many choices. Digital print machine is more intelligent, better to meet different aesthetic needs, display colorful vehicle deals, enhance rendering and publicity effect. Outdoor application can be pasted on bus body, billboard display,etc.The app...
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  • Application of Sublimation 2020-12-03
    Dye sublimation paper shows a colorful design after passing through the large format sublimation printer printing. The paper and fabric are combined with the Calendar Heat Press machine again, and the sublimation printing fabric can show a perfect pattern. This is sublimation printing solution for any fabric use you want. Dye sublimation printing and dye sublimation transfer are closely related. I...
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  • XP600 eco solvent printer for vinyl decals 2020-11-26
    When you have a large number of car stickers advertising need to printing, XP600 vinyl decal printer can finish the work efficiently and quickly. Watch the video of feedback from the customer’s site. In the video, it’s easy to see that the printing effect is good. The bright color was printed on the vinyl, and come up with a cool pattern with good quality. The high resolution makes the printed car...
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  • Monterrey Exhibition, Mexico 2020-11-13
    It's a great pleasure to share with you last week that our Mexican company Sino supply exhibited our products as an exhibitor in Monterrey, Mexico. We didn't inform our customers to go to the exhibition because we don't gather during the epidemic, but it can't stop our customers' enthusiasm. Our main products on display this time include the digital printing machine with xp600 printhead(also named...
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  • 1.8m large format printer with XP600 printhead 2020-10-30
    High resolution and high speed printing. Printing materials for vinyl, flex banner, one way vision, coated banner, flag cloth etc. XP600 eco solvent printer for indoor & outdoor printing, the printing quality the same as DX5 printhead, but more competitive. Do you need more details for this competitive machine for good business? We are glad to give you any support, just contact us!
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  • Convert to XP600 printer to save more 2020-10-26
    Convert DX5 to XP600 printer (DX11 printer) to save more! This year has been a very difficult year, and our economy has been greatly affected. During the period of covid-19, most of our clients have had to stop working. After a long period of downtime, many printheads of printers were blocked and needed to be replaced with new ones. However, the prices of many printheads have r...
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  • SINO Supply in Mexico EXPO Exhibition 2020-02-13
    From February 6th to 8th, 2020, our subsidiary Sino Supply exhibited in Mexico and the EXPO PRINT Exhibition. Thank you very much to every customer who came from afar to participate in the exhibition. In this exhibition, our company's flagship products UV printer-6090, Laser engraving machine 1390, Bending machine L3, Sublimation printer 4720, Eso solvent printer XP600, Heat press series. We belie...
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  • 3.2m 2head xp600 printer 2019-12-16
    There are many kinds of inkjet machines in the market, some of which are mainly used to print indoor advertisements, some of which are also used to print outdoor advertisements. There are machines that we want to mix and print ad types. The current development trend is: to the direction of mixed and diversified printing, the market is not limited to a certain type of printing, because the current ...
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