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  • Small Printer Wins Big Business 2022-11-23
    Congratulation! Let’s congratulate our another customer installed the printer in his work place! It’s a happy thing that deserves to be shared with you all! Recently our American customer bought a 70cm XP600 printer from us. We specially write this article to introduce the feedback and tell you how to buy the machine and materials from us. I would like to provide machine’s description to customers...
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  • SINOTEC Attending Bangkok Ad & Sign Expo 2022 in Thailand 2022-11-16
    Hello dear clients, the covid-19 in guangzhou is very serious, many places are closed one by one, and everything is ok for clients all over the world? But we have a wonderful things to share with you. Bangkok Ad & Sign Expo 2022 in Thailand come to an end last week. Please check this video for the eco solvent printer printing test first. The i3200 is one of the hot-selling printers. The i3200 ...
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  • FESPA MEXICO 2022 2022-10-11
    Hello Everyone, Welcome to FESPA EXPO at Sino Supply. Our Mexico FESPA Exhibition, Sept. 2022 has successfully come to an end! Thank you all customers who visited. This was a wonderful event that successful guys came to a splendid exhibition. Meanwhile, Thanks for our Mexico colleagues who worked together to organize the expo. Let’ review the exhibition together. The main products on the display a...
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  • SINO Supply in Monterrey Exhibition 2022-09-20
    Hello, Dear all clients, how are you? Our Monterey show has successfully come to an end. Thank you to all customers who visited. The exhibition become more vibrant and energetic because your participation. Now, let us review those unforgettable picture together. In this exhibition gathering industry elites, we brought our main product on displays at the same time. Including DTF printer, Eco solven...
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    Hello everybody! Welcome to our MINI EXPO AT SINO SUPPLY! First of all, thank you very much to all the customers who visited the site. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation. Do not feel sorry for the customers who have no way to visit the site, we are here to make a special exhibition summary for you, to share our latest situation with you. The main products on display are i3200 printer, X...
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  • Don't miss this DTF T-shirt printing machine 2022-05-26
    Nowadays many clients choose to print the special image on T-shirt by our DTF printing machine and can sell much more and faster instead of by screen printing. There are 3 size of our best-selling DTF printers: A3 DTF Printer with 1 pcs xp600 printhead Speed: 4pass 2㎡/h Production qty of T-shirt with A4 artwork/H: 32PCS 70 DTF Printer with 2 pcs xp600 printhead Speed: 4pas...
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  • Feedback of dtf printing from Gambian 2022-04-07
    Last year, one of our customer in Gambia purchased a set of DTF printing machine from us. The machine has been working for about 5 months and it is running well.The application of dtf on cloth is praised and recognized by many customers. Printed uniforms are very popular. Almost unaffected by cloth and color. Direct to film transfer printing is gradually replacing screen printing, realizing a cust...
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  • Expo Impresión Large Format in WTC / CDMX Mexico 2022-03-29
    We will attend to the one of most famous fair THE EXPO IMPRESSION, March 31 to April 2. We would like to invite you come to enjoy it, this unique experience, with great promotions, the best laser, printing, dtf printer machines and supplies. This time we will exhibit a very popular machine, Direct To Film Printer. This machine will replace the screen printing machine on the market, save more cost,...
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  • How to choose DTF ink and PET film? 2022-03-16
    With the wide application of DTF printing , this technology has gained greater understanding and recognization in the worldwide. Besides of DTF printer, DTF consumables are also very important. Have you chosen the right dtf printing consumables? Firstly, DTF pigment ink is a kind of water-based ink, which is a special ink for dtf use. The quality of the ink has a great impact on the service l...
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