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  • Praise from Malaysian customer 2019-09-06
    This is feedback from Zakaria, a Malaysian customer. It has been about 2 weeks since he received the XP600 printer. During this period, the machine was installed and tested. He told us that this machine is easy to operate, low in price and high in quality. It’s the best printer to start printing business.Today he sent us a feedback video. Intercepted the video clips for your reference. From these ...
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  • 3.2m 2head xp600 printer 2019-12-16
    There are many kinds of inkjet machines in the market, some of which are mainly used to print indoor advertisements, some of which are also used to print outdoor advertisements. There are machines that we want to mix and print ad types. The current development trend is: to the direction of mixed and diversified printing, the market is not limited to a certain type of printing, because the current ...
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