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  • Advantage of UV flatbed printer 2019-03-18
    Nowadays, the application of UV flatbed printer always tackles all the fields of our daily life from the signs in the mall, outdoor advertising display to the business card and little gifts. We can see them everywhere. Comparing with the traditional printer method, the UV flatbed printer has great advantage as following: 1, UV flatbed printer is more widely used due to the choice for materials. Th...
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  • Stable Packing, The First Step Of Best Service 2019-06-05
    As a large format printing machine, Konica 512i solvent printer CK8 has 3200mm printing width, so we package it in a wooden cabinet.Because the machine is relatively large, we need to use a lift with a large pull coefficient. In order to protect the machine, we not only need to stably control the speed of the lift, but also put buffers at the machine's point.And the wooden cabinet is as thick as p...
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  • Accept all OEM partners with Solvent ink and Eco Solvent ink 2019-06-12
    Chinese saying goes:good horse must be with good saddle.The relationship between printing machine and ink is also like that. Using the matching ink is not only cost-effective but also high performance. Below I will introduce several inks for different machines. DX11 Eco-solvent Ink Specification:1L Color:C,M,Y,K It is the most ideal ink for model XP600 printing machine and that machine is the best...
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