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SINOTEC Attending Bangkok Ad & Sign Expo 2022 in Thailand 2022-11-16

Hello dear clients, the covid-19 in guangzhou is very serious, many places are closed one by one, and everything is ok for clients all over the world? But we have a wonderful things to share with you. Bangkok Ad & Sign Expo 2022 in Thailand come to an end last week.

Please check this video for the eco solvent printer printing test first.

The i3200 is one of the hot-selling printers. The i3200 printer is with better printing quality and faster printing speed. There are different size for you choose. We have 1.6m, 1.9m, 2.5m, 3.2m for you reference. If you know the Dx5 print head, then you can easily understand i3200 printhead good quality.

large format printer 4ft/1.3m printing width

DX11/XP600 Eco solvent printer

Printer I3200 with competitive price

Many clients are interested in our eco solvent printer. There are a lot of people gathered at our booth. Moreover, We have some discount about the printer on the fair. For example DX11 is 69000 and small one is 59000. And then our i3200 eco solvent printer also take part in this discount ability, You can see it is just 159000. Customers are very excited about the price and can't wait to place an order.

1.3m printer wholesale price

6ft printer i3200 Single head

Do not miss, we are waiting for you.