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  • Updating our delivery news of XP600 printer 2019-11-18
    Do you know? Eco solvent printer XP600 is taking over the business from galaxy machine in recently. Its quality is not only similar to the DX5, but the price is only a quarter of it. How could you don’t like this printer? Loading of the container is for shipping to our client. This time there are 18 sets XP600 eco solvent printers and relative materials for 20GP container.
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  • Customer visit 2019-12-12
    What do you care about when buying a machine? It's all about machine efficiency, function and life. People who buy eco solvent printers are all concerned about the printing results, speed, efficiency, life, and after-sales service of printers. Last Thursday, our Sri Lankan customers visited the company. First of all, they went to our factory to see the actual production of our machines. ...
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  • EXPO IMPRESSION 23th 24th 25th, March 2023-05-08
    Hello everyone. Let’s congratulate on the end of EXPO IMPRESSION 2023. First, I’m thankful to our staff include technician team, sales, engineers, and partners who helped organize this machine show. Secondly I appreciate all you guys who came to visit this machine exhibition, especially, the audience who visited our stand, SINO SUPPLY. In the exhibition, we displayed the all size eco solvent print...
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