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The Beautiful Scenery In Mexico 2019-08-08

The beautiful scenery in Mexico

Hey, Guys. Today we are talking about Mr. Wang's trip to Mexico in August.

In the beautiful scenery of Mexico, Mr. Wang has established a deep friendship with the local people and participated in an activity with local friends.

In fact, the purpose of Mr. Wang's business trip is to participate in the FESPA Mexico exhibition and lead the branch company Dragon Supply to show the strength of our company.

As shown in the picture above, we have professional industry knowledge and professional services. We specialize in digital printing equipment, large format printer, Eco solvent printer, sublimation printers and all relative materials.

Through this trip to Mexico, we not only saw the Pyramid of the Sun and Santo Domingo Church, learned about local customs, but also got a better understanding of the needs of the local advertising market. This is of great significance for us to better serve our customers and provide products in line with customer development in the future.

In the future, We will try our best to bring the first-class quality and service for more customers. Also, we believe that we will get more and more customers' confidence.