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Small Printer Wins Big Business 2022-11-23

Congratulation! Lets congratulate our another customer installed the printer in his work place! Its a happy thing that deserves to be shared with you all! Recently our American customer bought a 70cm XP600 printer from us. We specially write this article to introduce the feedback and tell you how to buy the machine and materials from us. I would like to provide machines description to customers from all over the world.

epson i3200 printer price

This machine print head is Epson xp600. This model is high work performance and lower cost compared with Epson Printhead I3200 Its a good choice for you to start and expand your business, since it has two printing function, which can be canvas printer machine and sublimation printer both. The picture above is our customers installation on his own work place. Lets show more pictures.

small printer dx11 with competitive price

High resolution I3200 printing

The pattern printed by this machine is high clear. Our customer made the good print test.

And our customer also showed me the head and wire. Its completely genuine and new!

xp600 head cable

The colour of this machine is CMYK. And we have the experience to equip machine with appropriate quantity ratio of the inks. This is our free service just for now. The picture bellow is our ink tube which our customer also showed me so that I know our customers installation is successful and printing test is perfect!

eco solvent printer dampers xp600

All tubes are connected well. He did a good job!

We aim to provide our customer a enjoyable purchase experience and good quality printers. And getting our customer good feedback is our great pleasure!

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