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Customer visit 2019-12-12

What do you care about when buying a machine? It's all about machine efficiency, function and life. People who buy eco solvent printers are all concerned about the printing results, speed, efficiency, life, and after-sales service of printers.

Last Thursday, our Sri Lankan customers visited the company. First of all, they went to our factory to see the actual production of our machines. He was very satisfied with our production process and the control of product quality. In the process of producing products, we implement the control of each production link, adhere to the production of superior products, and do not let inferior products flow out. At the same time, he and our manager conducted field test on the 1.8m large format printer at the factory site. It mainly tests the printing speed and accuracy of 4pass, 6pass and 8pass, one-way and two-way printing.

In the picture, 8pass is printed on the PP self-adhesive sticker material. Customers and our technicians are paying attention to the printing effect. They communicate with each other and learn the relevant knowledge of xp600. In the field test, the customer can learn the product knowledge from the technician and witness the whole process of machine printing, which can solve the problem that the product they are worried about is not the same as their imagination. The customer was very satisfied with the printing effect of our machine on the spot, and expressed satisfaction with our explanation and operation.

Because the customer is the same night's plane, he and our manager discussed in-depth the relevant information of our cooperation in the office, and took photos at the front desk of our company.