years of machine production experience

FOCUS--12 years overseas market experience, we know what the customers and markets need.

SPECIALTY--With the strength of industry knowledge, we know how to offer professional products in different markets with original ideas.

ATTITUDE--Providing services to make sure the delivery on time, assistance and technical support and after-sale services to create more value for our customers.

FUTURE--We aim to improve our activities permanently and openly in order to achieve our clients’ satisfaction.

Sinotec Digital Co., Ltd is a company founded in 2007 Guangzhou China, and have factory in Shanghai and Guangzhou city. Since the beginning, we specialize in the field of digital printing and sublimation solution. Our main products include eco solvent/solvent printer, sublimation printer, sublimation paper/ink, heat press machine, heat transfer vinyl and all relative materials. Over the years, we have established the cooperation network with the distributors in 20 different countries.

In 2013, we started to enter Mexico market and established our own branch there, now we have offices and warehouses in Mexico City and Leónwhere guarantee after-sales service of our products.

our products

our products include: uv flatbed printer, uv roll to roll printer, solvent printer, eco-solvent printer, laser engraving machine,
cnc routers, cutting plotter, sublimation machine, heat transfer machines, and all relative materials.

epson large format printer

1.3m Eco Solvent Printer with Epson XP600 print heads

Epson XP600 Print Head

Save more space

Print high quality

Eco Solvent Based Printer

1.6m/1.8m Eco Solvent Printer with Epson XP600 print heads

Epson XP600 Print Head
Most competitive printing machine
High resolution & high speed
sublimation printer

EPSON 4720 Sublimation Printing Machine YSL-1804SF

Rear feeding and takeup system

1000m transfer paper printing

Print quick and high-efficiency

sublimation printer

180cm Series Sublimation

180cm printing wide

Epson 4720 print heads
Industrial designed feeding & take up system
heat transfer machine

Europe Type High Pressure Heat Press Machine H-004

Aluminum heating plate
Anti-scald protecting cover
Strong springs
High pressure
large format eco solvent printer

2.5m / 3.2m Eco Solvent Printer with Epson XP600

Epson XP600 Print Head
Most competitive printing machine
High resolution & high speed
sublimation printers

70cm Series Sublimation

Epson printing heads

1440dpi high resolution

70cm printing wide

1.8m eco solvent printer

Epson DX5 Eco Solvent Printer YSL-EP180

EPSON DX5 print heads

1.8m printing wide

High resolution & high speed

Solvent Printer

Konica 512i Solvent Printer CK8

Konica 512i print heads

High resolution & high speed

More affordable

flag printing machine

Epson DX5 / 4720 Sublimation Printing Machine YSL-1804

Professioal disigned sublimation directly printing machine

Directly garment printing system

With Epson DX5 / 4720 print heads

calendar heat press

Calendar Heat Press BC27

Transfer Speed: About 50-60m/h

Roller Drum Diameter: 270mm

Easy to install & operate

uv hard ink


UV light curable flatbed ink

Low energy,fast cure,wide color gamut

environmental protection
long outdoor durability

global distributor
production experience
our Application

Imagine how bright and unusually beautiful will be printing or transferring different materials.

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latest news

  • Sinotec Warehouse in Guangzhou
    Sinotec Warehouse in GuangzhouOct, 10, 2019

    Sinotec Warehouse in Guangzhou

    At the end of last month, we led Rwandan customers to the factory. Our company's XP600 printer factory is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. Every day, there is an endless stream of machine shipments to domestic and foreign warehouses. We sell excellent machines at the highest quality prices. Things of good quality will always be well received, all things relatively speaking. 1.8m XP600 printer with 1 head has the most advantages in printing speed and accuracy. In recent years, Epson XP600 print head has occupied a place in the market. It will replace DX5 in market, as it is more competitive. The video is as following. The neat wooden cases in the warehouse are the packaged XP600 printers. The workers put the machines and boxes neatly. 2 sets XP600, 1.8m and 3.2m of different sizes can be seen in the end of video. Thank you very much for your support and hope that more customers from far away can come to visit our factory. Welcome, my friend.

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  • Mexico Express --- Inkjet printer
    Mexico Express --- Inkjet printerSep, 27, 2019

    Mexico Express --- Inkjet printer

    On September 25, the Mexican branch shipped a batch of inkjet printers. We have our own distribution logistics, which guarantees that delivery is on time, fast, complete and not damaged. Our machines are packed in wooden cases as usual. The main purpose is to protect the machines from collision damage.At the same time, we will show how to place the Wooden case according to different machines and machine placement, so as to avoid the damage caused by errors. After loading, of course, the goods will be delivered to the customer's hands. In order to deliver them in time, we will start at the first time after loading, and deliver them at the fastest speed.

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  • National Day Holiday Notice
    National Day Holiday NoticeSep, 26, 2019

    National Day Holiday Notice

    It is a great pleasure to inform to dear customers that October 1 is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of our country. It will have a holiday from 1st -6th October and 7th October will get back to work. We are sorry for not replying in time during the holidays. Recently, some of our machines are hot selling, such as Eco Solvent Printer XP600, UV printer 6090, sublimation printer, heat press and other materials. Welcome customers to our website or email us directly.

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