FOCUS--12 years overseas market experience, we know what the customers and markets need.

SPECIALTY--With the strength of industry knowledge, we know how to offer professional products in different markets with original ideas.

ATTITUDE--Providing services to make sure the delivery on time, assistance and technical support and after-sale services to create more value for our customers.

FUTURE--We aim to improve our activities permanently and openly in order to achieve our clients’ satisfaction.

Sinotec Digital Co., Ltd is a company founded in 2007 Guangzhou China, and have factory in Shanghai and Ningbo city. Since the beginning, we specialize in the field of digital printing equipment, Laser engraving & cutting machines, CNC routers, cutting plotter, heat transfer machines, and all relative materials. Over the years, we have established the cooperation network with the distributors in 20 different countries.

In 2013, we started to enter Mexico market and established our own branch there, now we have offices and warehouses in Mexico City and Guadalajara,which guaranteed after-sales service of our products.

Our vision is to be the most desired and successful advertising solution provider in the world.

Our mission is to provide quality technology and services by professional team.