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  • Advantage of UV flatbed printer 2019-03-18
    Nowadays, the application of UV flatbed printer always tackles all the fields of our daily life from the signs in the mall, outdoor advertising display to the business card and little gifts. We can see them everywhere. Comparing with the traditional printer method, the UV flatbed printer has great advantage as following: 1, UV flatbed printer is more widely used due to the choice for materials. Th...
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  • Why choose channel letter bending machine? 2019-03-18
    Channel letter bending machine is a common device to make advertising letter. Recently, the item is widely used and very popular in different markets such as China, South East Asia countries, Europe, America and Middle East. Maybe you will ask why choose a channel letter bending machine and what it is different. Now I will give you more ideas for it as following: What is aluminum channel letter be...
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  • The Application of Laser Engraving Machine 2019-03-18
    With the development of laser engraving machine, people could use it into more industries with different materials. In order to know more about it, now we list some as following: Advertising industry: carving& cutting all kinds of signs, marble, copper, trademarks and other metal materials. Arts and crafts industry: arts and crafts, souvenirs, iron works and dials. Mold processing industry: co...
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