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3.2m 2head xp600 printer 2019-12-16

There are many kinds of inkjet machines in the market, some of which are mainly used to print indoor advertisements, some of which are also used to print outdoor advertisements.

There are machines that we want to mix and print ad types. The current development trend is: to the direction of mixed and diversified printing, the market is not limited to a certain type of printing, because the current market is towards diversification. Xp600 large format printer has been tested by the market and recognized by customers. Now it is gradually occupying the market, and it is a good partner of advertising printer. Why do you say that? There are three reasons: first, its performance. It is a relatively stable machine with fast printing speed and high efficiency; second, its size, which is 1.3m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.5m and 3.2m, can be selected for you to meet all kinds of printing needs of the market, and the size of the machine can also be selected according to the air drop size of your working environment; the last and most important one is Its price is more competitive than DX5 head. The price is not only 1 /4 of DX5 head, but also the printing quality is more comparable.

Generally speaking, we recommend the 3.2m 2 head xp600 printer to our customers. Because the performance of this machine is stable, the printing speed must be faster than that of the single head, and the printing width is large, so the printing size will not be limited. You can choose the printing width at will to meet the printing requirements of different sizes.