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Hello everybody! Welcome to our MINI EXPO AT SINO SUPPLY!

First of all, thank you very much to all the customers who visited the site. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation. Do not feel sorry for the customers who have no way to visit the site, we are here to make a special exhibition summary for you, to share our latest situation with you.

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The main products on display are i3200 printer, XP600 eco solvent printer, DTF printer with I3200 or XP600 print heads, heat press machine, laser cutting machine, cutting plotter, eco solvent ink and solvent ink and related consumables.

DTF printing is a new printing technology, replacing screen printing. Low investment cost, easy to operate, environment and pollution-free, suitable for various materials of clothes, whether it is dark clothes or light color clothes.

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I3200 eco solvent printer, our latest product, is just as popular as DTF printer. The print speed of I3200 printer is very fast, twice than the DX5, and the most important point is its price much cheaper than the Dx5. I3200 printer is a good performance, and relatively affordable printing machine. Its a best choice for the customers who want to upgrade their printer.

i3200 printhead specifications

Eco solvent ink is suitable for eco solvent printer. Bright colors, the printed picture quality is very good, widely praised, and the sales are also very good.

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CO2 Laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for the cutting of non-metallic materials, accurate and efficient. Use laser machine to make a variety of exquisite gifts, customized unique to your own.

The main dimensions are 20 * 30cm, 40 * 60cm, 130 * 90cm, 130 * 250cm, etc.

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Heat press machine also are hot sale. There are mug heat press machine, hat heat press machine, pen heat press machine and all dimensions flat bed heat press machine showing.

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Finally, let's congratulate the success of the exhibition. Thanks again to you who attended the exhibition and for taking the time to read this article. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us and I hope to see you in the next exhibition!