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Don't miss this DTF T-shirt printing machine 2022-05-26

Nowadays many clients choose to print the special image on T-shirt by our DTF printing machine and can sell much more and faster instead of by screen printing.

There are 3 size of our best-selling DTF printers:

A3 DTF Printer with 1 pcs xp600 printhead

Speed: 4pass 2/h
Production qty of T-shirt with A4 artwork/H: 32PCS

best dtf printer

70 DTF Printer with 2 pcs xp600 printhead

Speed: 4pass 4/h
Production qty of T-shirt with A4 artwork/H: 64PCS

dtf printing meaning

DTF Printer with 2pcs i3200 printhead
Speed: 4pass 12/h
Production qty of T-shirt with A4 artwork/H: 192PCS

dtf film roll

Let's take a look at the feedback from customers in Pakistan.

A3 DTF printer is installed quickly. The clothes were printed on the same day, even if he prints only one pattern at a time.

dtf film sheets

DTF printing can support you to customize any cool and fashionable design on t-shirt and fabric for your customer.

dtf printing shirt

Hot summer needs T-shirts. Our high-quality consumables make printed patterns soft and breathable. You won't feel muggy even if you sweat.

pet film dtf roll

Summer is coming. Start your dtf t shirt printing business!