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Mexico Business Trip On August, 2019 2019-08-05

Recently, Mr. Wang (our company's president) visited Mexico for a business visit. He met with some old friends, discussed business cooperation and reached consensus,at the same time they took pictures together as a souvenir.This our good friends and partners as shown in the figure.

During the visit, Mr. Wang encouraged the staff in Mexico to give them encouragement and boost their morale. At the same time, during the Mexican exhibition, Mr. Wang attended the Mexican exhibition. He worked hard with the staff in Mexico to answer questions and introduce the company's products to the customers. In order to serve every customer well and satisfy customers, it embodies our purpose of serving every customer well as shown in the figure.

At present, our main product is XP600 eco solvent printer, which is economical, efficient and affordable. Compared with similar products, it is more competitive. It is suitable to start printing business and use printing business.

At present, Mr. Wang is still visiting Mexico for business. During this period, We have gained many good friends and cooperators. We hope more partners can come to cooperate with us.