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XP600 vs DX5 printhead, Which one is your favorite? 2021-11-23
In recent years, with the emergence of XP600 print head, DX5 print head has gradually withdrawn from the market. XP600 has been rejected and misunderstood since it appeared, and is now slowly being accepted. Why?

Everyone knows that XP600 is actually used to replace DX5, so in the design of xp600, there are many similarities with DX5.

1. The printing effect is very similar between the two above, and the naked eye can hardly tell the difference.

2. Above the printing speed, the printing speed of xp600 is slightly slower than that of dx5, but there is no big difference.

3. In terms of service life, DX5 is generally about 1 year, and xp600 is generally 8 months. There are also some people who replace the print head for about 3 months. This is mainly about how to use and maintain the print head.

4. In terms of price, the price of DX5 is 5-6 times that of XP600, that is, you can buy 5-6 pcs of XP600 print heads if you buy one DX5 print head. The price difference is clear at a glance.

5. XP600 Eco solvent printing machine are also cheaper than DX5 Eco solvent printing machine, and the various configurations are different, and the prices are also different.

Many people will buy products that suit them based on the price/performance ratio. XP600 is undoubtedly their best choice. Coupled with the continuous increase in the price of dx5, many people will choose XP600.

There are certain requirements for the quality and price of flex printing machine in India market, and high-quality and low-cost products are the most needed in each market. Let’s take a look at the views of our Indian customers.

Recently, we received feedback from our customers in India and sent us videos and pictures to express their recognition of our machines.

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