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Vinyl wrap printer 2020-12-22

Vinyl wrap printer 3.2m printing width with 2 pcs of xp600 print heads can adjust the requirements of different sizes with the printing width, providing many choices. Digital print machine is more intelligent, better to meet different aesthetic needs, display colorful vehicle deals, enhance rendering and publicity effect.

Outdoor application can be pasted on bus body, billboard display,etc.The application of Eco-solvent ink is environmentally friendly, green, no bad smell, and friendly to human body.All kinds of advertising publicity, to show more people, to obtain the maximum profit.

The printing effect of 10ft large format printer is very bright and eye-catching, as our client in Philippine example. It is very conspicuous on the bus. It can not only beautify the bus, but also have a good publicity effect. The 10ft Eco Solvent Printer with 2 pcs of xp600 print head can provide new clothes for bus body faster and meet the new requirements of continuous updating.