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One-stop solution for sublimation 2019-09-24
Introduce our company's new services, One-stop solution for sublimation , so that customers can enjoy the products they need for one-time purchase, no longer need to travel around, save time, improve efficiency, to meet the requirements of modern people's fast rhythm and high efficiency.

One-stop solution for sublimation

Firstly, we set up the pattern to be printed in the computer. The sublimation printer YSL-EP180 (with sublimation ink and sublimation paper) connects the computer and starts to work. The dye sublimation paper is finished.

The second step is to install dye sublimation paper and coil cloth on the Calendar Heat Press BC27, adjust the temperature and speed, and can transfer the dye sublimation paper to the fabric perfectly.

Finally, the finished product is tailored to the required size, and can be used for curtains, sofas, bedding, clothing and so on.

The machine shown in the picture:

Sublimation printing machine YSL-EP180

YSL sublimation printer, special designed for fabric materials directly printing

Easy operation, fast speed and high resolution

It is the best choice for flag printing, fabric promotion stands making

Calendar Heat Press BC27

Multifunctional for Roll to Roll & Piece to Piece Printing

Auto Rewind-Unwind Device Equipped with 4 Tension Shafts

Best solution for sublimation print to fabric, textile, banner etc