Hybrid UV printer

1.8m UV Hybrid Printer

A Flatbed and a Roll-fed Printer

Roll to Roll & Flatbed Printing

Resonable Design & High Performance

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 Applicable for roll and full-sheet materials such as wide-format signage, wall paper, soft film,window displays, car stickers,leather, KT board, PVC board, our hybrid UV LED flatbed printer opens your business up to new possibilities in the industry of home decoration, exhibition displays, leather processing and commercial advertising.



V8EUV-2 XP600

Printhead & Quantity

XP600 2pcs

Printing Width


Printing Speed & Mode

4 pass


6 pass


8 pass


Computer Configuration

Win7 and above, 64 bits; CPU I5 processor and above, 8G memory, ASUS motherboard 3.0GHZ; C disk with SSD 150G, attached disk 1TB.

RIP Software

Maintop/Photoprint (optional)

Heating System

LED UV water-cooling curing system


Temperature: 20-30℃, Humidity: 50-65%


Machine power: 500W  

External suction fan: 1500W



Packing Dimensions(mm)


Net Weight


Gross Weight



The Small Carriage frame

Full aluminum carriage frame ensure accurate printing. Automatic adjust carriage height for different materials. Professional positive UV damper ensure stable ink supply. With anti-collision sensor

Magnetic Pinch Roller

Go ahead of some conventional domestic manufacturers, OnePrint has already upgraded plastic pinch roller to a metal magnetic one for higher accuracy of media movement.

Feeding & Take Up System

The UV hybrid printer comes standard with automatic feeding and take up system. It ensures the stability of media handling and improves the efficiency of printing, suitable for massive media production.

Intelligent Vacuum Platform SystemUV Led Curing System

Intelligent adjustable subarea suction system for different thickness materials, allowing media to tightly adhere to the platform. High efficiency and double lights with water cooling. 



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