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Where is your business map in 2022? 2021-12-31

2021 will come to the end of the year in a blink of an eye. Looking back on this year, although not so smoothly, we are still working hard.

During this year, we experienced COVID-19, rising product prices, rising sea freight, delayed shipping time, and so on, which caused great inconvenience to us and increased the difficulty of international trade. However, in the context of the global trade recession, our sales amount is 3 times of last year. Do you want to know the reason?

1. Sinotec has 6-7 warehouses in Mexico that keep stock. When others are out of stock, we can sell them, and even those distributors will sell them from us.

2. Transporting a large number of goods when the freight is not very high, and all the goods sold in the past six months are shipped to Mexico, which can save most of the shipping costs and save the time for goods sales.

3. There is another important factor. We started the promotion of new products. DTF printing machine, which made a huge contribution to our turnover. We sell XP600 machine over 600 sets this year. We shipped the first batch of DTF printers to Mexico in July and arrived in Mexico in September. , 72 sets of direct-to-film printing machine has been sold so far, but it is currently out of stock. Let's imagine how great the potential of this product is! How about direct to film vs screen printing?DTF printer can make a piece of clothing, but screen printing is not. Screen printing needs large quantities and also can't do the all-color CMYK. DTF gets a solution for this, and you can make any color as you need, it prints as a UV printer. DTF is a big chance, as it catches screen printing market that is a huge market, and that is exit market you can make some searching as is easier to operate, not need screen film, personality making.

Of course, new products are hard to push in the market and are risk also if you take from China with some company who is not professional. If you can bear the pressure, you can catch the surprise. Let us spend the winter together, run towards the spring, for a better ourselves, run towards the stars, the sea, and a bright future together!

Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022!