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With the rapid popularity of smart phones, customizing these cherished devices is big businessUV printer phone case can make your on-demand printing output possible on iPhone covers, Huawei covers, OPPO covers, Samsung covers and more iPAD covers.

UV 6090
Print Head Quantity
2 pcs XP600 Printheads
Printing Width 600*900mm
Curing Type
LED UV Light
Cooling System Water Cooling System
Ink Type
Environmentally friendly UV special ink
Medium Type
Tiles, Metal, Glass, Acrylic, Phone Cases, Beverage Bottles, etc.
Maintop/ Photo Print
AC220V  50/60Hz
Operation System
Win7 / WinXP
USB 3.0
Packing Dimensions(L*W*H)
Gross Weight

Control Panel
Simple and convenient, with LED screen.
Easily swith to different interfaces.
Easily turn on or turn off.

Small Carriage frame

Full aluminum carriage frame ensure accurate printing.
Automatic adjust carriage height for different materials.
Professional positive UV damper ensure stable ink supply.
Anti-collision sersor.

digital uv printing machine

Suction Platform
Full width 60*90cm Printing Suction Platform.
With Scale, Easily, Measurement And Positioning.
Firmly Adsorbing Printing Media To Ensure Printing Accuracy.

UV Led Curing System
High efficiency, double lights with water cooling.
Working time is longer than 20000 hours.
Energy conservation and environment protection.

Cylinder Clampe
Printing Options, Adjustable Spacing.
Can Printing Bottle, Mug, Glass Bottlesand Other Cylindrical Objects.

Ink Bottle
First grade ink bottle
8 colors: C M Y K LC LM + White + Vanish
Low ink volume alarm function equipped

Leadshine Motor
Integrated design, smaller size, low noise and heating.
Strong anti-interference capability, smoother operation.

Hosonsoft Carriage Board
Mature and stable control system.
Carriage board with fan cooler.
Ensure long time & stable working.

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