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Mexican Express News 2019-09-06

On August 28, 2019, our Mexican branch successfully delivered goods to its destination safely for customers who placed orders at the exhibition. How did we do that?

Before transportation, we use wooden cases to pack the goods well. The wooden cases are packed to prevent collision damage during transportation and ensure the completeness of the goods. Before loading, we should mark which goods are to be transported this time and register the goods to be shipped. Goods that need to be labeled are labeled with the corresponding mark required by the customer - --shipping  mark.

In the process of loading, we use forklift trucks to transport goods into the container. One person in the container instructs how to place the goods brought in by forklift trucks, how to use the container space reasonably, how to place the goods in order to reduce the collision damage in the course of transportation, and how to cooperate with each other to make the goods intact. Serve every customer well.

Finally, our transport starts the engine and goes to its destination.