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Laser Engraving Cutting Maching 1390

Laser power: 80w / 100w / 130w / 150w

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Laser engraving machine is widely use for advertising making, art crafts, furnitures making,
textile and fabric cutting, 

it suits for wood, plastics, acrylic, textile, leather, etc.

Electronic lifting
The machine can automatically adjust the working table to satisfy the demands of cutting different thickness materials. The lifting height can reach 20cm.

Automatic Focusing

Auto focusing makes the laser head focus easily and quickly. Do not need to adjust the focal length by hand, saving much time and has higher accuracy.

Taiwan Hiwin Linear Guide Rail

Adopted Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rail, high positioning accuracy, scroll guide, reduce wear to maintain accuracy for a longer time.

RECI Laser Tube

Higher laser output power density , concentrated light beam, uniformly light spot, high

U.S II-VI Optical Lenses

U.S. optics from American Photonics. Proven 14% beam transmission improvement vs. Other optics. High strength gold-plated lenses and aspheric focusing lenses made by II-VI Company, USA.

High focus, high transmittance. The lenses can not only ensure the quality of the machine but also make the optical system run a long time with high efficiency and low cost.

One Button Starting Fan

The fan can be started by one button. You can control the fan independently.

Double Platforms

Both knife blade and honeycomb platforms for cutting and engraving.

High Efficiency Air Filters

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free laser can be directly used indoors.

Tertiary filtration

Filter large particles in bags.

HEPA filtration larger than 0.03UM particle.

Activated carbon adsorption system.

Technical Parameters



Laser Power


Laser Type

CO2Seal type glass laser water-cooled

Cuting Speed


Engraving Speed


Working area


Resetting position Accuracy


Software Supported


Graphic Format Supported


Power Supply

220V/50HZ, 110V/60HZ

Min.Shaping Character

1.0X1.0mm 2.0X2.0

Operating Systen

USB control system

Cooling type



Organic glass,kinfe template,cloth,leather,paper,bamboo and wood products,glass,film,canvas,etc


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